Mudathir Ibrahim

Mudathir IbrahimClinical Research Fellow in Evidence-based Surgery

Other job titles:

  • Clinical Resident in General Surgery

Dr. Mudathir Ibrahim is currently a general surgery resident at Maimonides Medical Centre in New York, USA. After completing 2 years of training, he obtained sponsorship from his institution to complete a research fellowship in Evidence-based Surgery at Oxford university.

His interest lies in gaining experience in evidence-based surgery, particularly its integration into clinical practice to improve the safety and outcome of surgical patients. To this end, he works under the mentorship of Professor Peter McCulloch within The IDEAL collaboration group.

Current IDEAL projects:

  1. Systematic review assessing the effect of IDEAL 2b-like studies on surgical RCT.
  2. Systematic review assessing research waste in surgery and compliance with IDEAL
  3. Systematic review assessing the current evaluation of artificial intelligence in robotic surgery