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The IDEAL Framework is for improving research in surgery, devices and non-pharmacological interventions.

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The IDEAL Framework

The IDEAL Framework describes the stages through which surgical therapy innovation normally passes, describing the characteristics of each of five stages: Idea, Development, Exploration, Assessment and Long-term follow-up.

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Why we need the IDEAL Framework

Peter McCulloch talks about how we can sometimes get carried away with the enthusiasm and commercial imperatives for new surgical technologies. Such "enthusiasm bias" needs to be tempered with a rigorous framework for the evaluation of the effects of these technologies.

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Advisory service for designing studies in surgery or therapeutic devices

This free service is for clinicians and scientists doing research as part of a grant-funded research project, or as an unfunded service improvement.

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29 May 2024

The IDEAL Webinar Programme 2024

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Robotic Surgery team, by Army Medicine, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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