IDEAL Summary Tables

14th April 2021

The IDEAL Collaboration grew out of an earlier initiative known as the Balliol Group who held a series  of conferences at Balliol College, Oxford in 2007-2009 with a commitment to improve the quality of  research in surgery.

Their discussions led to the development of the IDEAL framework for describing the stages of development of surgical and interventional innovations, and a series of recommendations about how methodology and reporting of research at each of these stages could be improved.

The group also made a series of proposals about how specific groups (publishers, funders, regulators, and professional organisations) can help to change the environment for this kind of research in a positive manner. The three tables below summarise the key issues described in the Lancet publications reporting the IDEAL Framework, Recommendations and Proposals in 2009 and subsequently further detailed in 3 articles published in the BMJ in 2013.

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