Maroeska Rovers

Maroeska RoversProfessor of Evidence-Based Surgery

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Other job titles

  • Director of HI-NL

Within the IDEAL collaboration, I am acting as one of the two research leads (together with Jane Blazeby). As a research lead, I aim to connect the collaboration to a greater world, for example by sharing the knowledge and experience of the collaboration with my colleagues in the Netherlands, and by organizing the next IDEAL conference.

Furthermore, both my research group as our institute aims to follow the IDEAL framework when evaluating surgical innovations. I am one of the founders of the Medical Innovation & Technology expert center, which is unique in Europe because of the combination of technology development and the determination of clinical relevance by means of evidence-based surgery, i.e. adapting the IDEAL stages of research. This setting has created a unique scientific infrastructure allowing highly stimulating and innovative collaborative science, which has also been acknowledged as center of excellence by international industrial and academic partners.

Current IDEAL projects:

  • I have been awarded a prestigious personal VICI grant entitled “SURGE – Towards early evaluation of surgical innovations using an integrated approach”. In this project, our team aims to further develop scientific methods that enable the evaluation of surgical innovations as from a very early phase, which we like to incorporate or add to the IDEAL framework.
  • Within our Medical Innovation & Technology expert center we are currently studying several surgical innovations according to the IDEAL framework, i.e. from stage 0 to stage 4.

IDEAL related publications

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Mirre Scholte, Maroeska M. Rovers, Janneke P.C. Grutters. The Use of Decision Analytic Modeling in the Evaluation of Surgical Innovations: A Scoping Review. Value in health 2021.