Baptiste Vasey

Baptise VaseyDPhil candidate at Oxford University

Baptiste is a DPhil candidate with the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, University of Oxford, and a Berrow Foundation Lord Florey scholar at Lincoln College.

He obtained a Master of Medicine from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and passed the Swiss Federal Medical Licensing Examination in September 2017.

Following graduation, he was awarded one of the four Swiss Mercator Fellowships on International Affairs to investigate the potential of computer-aided decision support to improve access to appropriate healthcare in low-resource settings.

As part of this fellowship, he spent three months in Burkina Faso working on IeDA, Western Africa’s largest mHealth project, redesigning the clinical application’s architecture, joined the WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on the prevention and control of NCDs at the organisation’s Headquarters in Geneva and collaborated with the MIT Gehrke Lab (Boston), investigating new biomarkers for the detection and classification of dengue fever.

Baptiste’s research focuses on computer-aided decision support to improve the management of patients presenting with postoperative complications. His interest in artificial intelligence (AI) being used as adjunct, rather than replacement, to human intelligence also led him to investigate how AI-based algorithms should be evaluated in clinical settings.

With an international steering group of experts in machine learning, human factors and guidelines development he is currently leading the development of the DECIDE-AI reporting guidelines. The DECIDE-AI guidelines aim to improve the reporting on early-stage clinical evaluation of decision support systems driven by AI, which can be compared to phase 1/2 trials for drugs development or IDEAL stage IIa/IIb studies for surgical innovation.

List of current projects related to IDEAL: