Get Involved: Survey on the application of the IDEAL-framework

9th November 2023

What do you know about the IDEAL framework and its impact on surgical innovation?

We want to invite you to complete a 5-minute survey on the application of the IDEAL framework in developing, evaluating, and reporting outcomes of new surgical innovations.

The purpose of this survey is to understand awareness of IDEAL among surgeons, and the factors which encourage or inhibit its practical use in clinical research and innovation. The questionnaire is being rolled out internationally to examine the awareness, understanding, and utilization of the IDEAL-framework among surgeons worldwide when adopting new surgical innovations.

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Background to this project.

The IDEAL Framework and Recommendations represent an attempt to develop an integrated evaluation pathway for surgery and similar complex interventional therapies, analogous to that used in the Pharma industry with their Phase 1-4 trials series.  IDEAL has received a good deal of attention and is widely known in academic circles, but uptake and practical use by surgical innovators remain relatively low. This survey is intended to help us understand whether this is because of a lack of information or because innovators perceive potential problems in using IDEAL.

This questionnaire was developed in cooperation with a diverse team possessing expertise in the field of surgery, health evidence, and research methodology.


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