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The IDEAL Collaboration is an initiative to improve the quality of research in surgery. It is:

  • A model that describes the stages of innovation in surgery: Idea, Development, Exploration, Assessment, Long-term study
  • A set of recommendations at each stage of the model that have been developed by experts in evidence-based surgery, for example on improving methodology and how to address the challenges of randomized controlled trials in surgery
  • An international group of surgeons, researchers, journal editors, methodologists, statisticians, and other people who are committed to producing, disseminating, and evaluating quality research in surgery.

IDEAL Conference 2016
Evaluating innovation in surgery and therapeutic technology: the IDEAL approach
7 April, St Catherine’s College, Oxford
This year’s conference was attended by surgical researchers and clinicians, the medical device and technology industry, health care regulators, medical research methodologists, surgical trainees, journal editors and peer reviewers, research funders, and professionals involved in decisions around payment and coverage for treatment.

Videos of presentations from the Conference
We are currently working on making available videos and PPT slides from the presentations at the IDEAL Collaboration Conference 2016. First videos are now available at the University of Oxford Podcast site https://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/series/ideal-collaboration-conference-2016