Trainee Research Collaboratives

Over the last five years, trainee research collaboratives have become established in many regions and nationallly throughout the UK. The idea is simple. Collaborate on research projects and use the natural trainee network to establish multi-centre studies, which can achieve larger numbers and therefore more significant results. The national appendicectomy audit, which involved 95 centres, is a recent example: BJS 2013;100(9):1240.

A full list of the current collaboratives is below.

Academic Surgical Collaborative  – a trainee research collaborative working on methodology, outcomes, and reporting issues within surgery.  The focus is on evidence-based medicine and evidence synthesis.

BNTRC – British Neurosurgical Trainee Research Collaborative
CORNET – Collaborative Orthopaedic Research Network
CRTC – Cardiothoracic Research Trainees Collaborative
EESuRG – East of England Surgical Research Group
EMSAN – East Midlands Surgical Academic Network
ENTTRC – ENT Trainee Research Collaboration
KMRC – Kent and Medway Research Collaborative
LARCOG – London Audit and Research Collaborative in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
LSRG – London Surgical Research Group
MeRGS – Mersey Research Group for General Surgery
NoSTRA – Northern Surgical Trainee Research Association
NURC – Northern Urology Research Collaborative
NWRC – North West Research Collaborative
OSCAR – Oswestry and Stoke Collaborative for Audit and Research
PSTRN – Paediatric Surgical Trainee Research Network
RSTN – Reconstructive Surgery Trials Network
SPARCS – Severn and Peninsula Audit and Research Collaborative for Surgeons
SSRG – Scottish Surgical Research Collaborative
START – Student Audit & Research Training
STORC – South Yorkshire Trainees’ Orthopaedic Research Collaborative
SYSuRG – South Yorkshire Surgical Research Group
VERN – Vascular & Endovascular Research Network
WBRG – Welsh Barbers Research Group
WMRC – West Midlands Research Collaborative
WMURAC – West Midlands Urology Regional Audit Collaborative
WSRG – Warwickshire Surgical Research Group
YSRC – Yorkshire Surgical Research Collaborative

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