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Reporting guidelines and other guidance

There is much evidence in all areas of medicine including surgery that research is poorly reported often making it unusable. The EQUATOR Network is an international initiative aiming to enhance the value of medical research literature by promoting transparent and accurate research reporting. Through comprehensive literature searching they maintain an up to date open library of all reporting guidelines in health research.

Reporting guidelines are statements that provide advice on how to report research methods and findings. Usually in the form of a checklist, flow diagram or explicit text, they specify a minimum set of items required for a clear and transparent account of what was done and what was found in a research study, reflecting in particular issues that might introduce bias into the research.  The most widely recognised guidelines are based on the available evidence and reflect consensus opinion of experts in a particular field, including research methodologists and journal editors.  Reporting guidelines complement advice on scientific writing, which concentrates on the basic writing principles and styles of research reports and publications, and journals’ instructions to authors.

Please look at the EQUATOR website to find the relevant guidance and tools on how to report your research in surgery. There is also a searchable database which identifies surgery specific guidance:

Studies of reporting quality and publication trends in surgery

Below we list many interesting papers that have assessed the reporting quality of surgical research studies. We have not included papers assessing reporting quality in broader complex interventions such as; acupuncture, herbal medicines, TMB (therapeutic massage), vaccines, post-op analgesia, psychiatry, public health or nursing. We also exclude papers assessing RCT reporting quality sampled in general medical journals.


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