IDEAL features in the February 2019 Issue of Annals of Surgery


The Current Issue of the Annals of Surgery features four papers about IDEAL

February 2019Volume 269Issue 2 



This editorial calls for reporting checklists for the IDEAL Stages which will enable researchers and journals to publish better reports of surgical innovation. We are pleased to announce that such reporting guidelines are now in development by the IDEAL team (Nicole Bilbro, Allison Hirst, Tom Lewis, Riaz Agha and Peter McCulloch) – the published protocol for the Delphi consensus development process is available here:

The Update to the IDEAL Framework and Recommendations:

This paper incorporates additional relevant methodological principles that have developed in the surgical community since the original IDEAL papers in 2009.

No Surgical Innovation Without Evaluation: Evolution and Further Development of the IDEAL Framework and Recommendations

Hirst, Allison; Philippou, Yiannis; Blazeby, Jane; Campbell, Bruce; Campbell, Marion; Feinberg, Joshua; Rovers, Maroeska; Blencowe, Natalie; Pennell, Christopher; Quinn, Tom; Rogers, Wendy; Cook, Jonathan; Kolias, Angelos G; Agha, Riaz; Dahm, Philipp; Sedrakyan, Art; McCulloch, Peter.

A perspective on the ethical concepts to be considered at each IDEAL stage of innovation of a new technique or device:

An example of the evolving learning curves in laparoscopic liver surgery according to descriptions of surgeons in stages 2 and 3 of IDEAL:

A Comparison of the Learning Curves of Laparoscopic Liver Surgeons in Differing Stages of the IDEAL Paradigm of Surgical Innovation: Standing on the Shoulders of Pioneers

Halls, Mark Christopher; Alseidi, Adnan; Berardi, Giammauro; Cipriani, Federica; Van der Poel, Marcel; Davila, Diego; Ciria, Ruben; Besselink, Marc; D’Hondt, Mathieu; Dagher, Ibrahim; Alrdrighetti, Luca; Troisi, Roberto Ivan; Abu Hilal, Mohammad

Annals of Surgery: February 2019 – Volume 269 – Issue 2 – p 221–228

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