Announcing a new Journal: BMJ Surgery, Innovation and Health Technology

Announcing a new BMJ Journal 

We are delighted to announce that Prof Peter McCulloch (Chair of the IDEAL Collaboration) (below left) and Prof Art Sedrakyan (Vice-Chair) (below right) have been invited to become joint Editors in Chief of a new journal in the BMJ stable.  The journal will be called BMJ Surgery, Innovation and Health Technology, and we expect to produce the first issue early in 2019.

Scope of the Journal: The focus will be on evaluation of innovation in surgery, other invasive therapeutic techniques (such as interventional radiology, endoscopy, cardiology etc) and therapeutic medical devices. The Journal will be serving both surgical and technology communities (IDEAL and MDEpiNet community/societies). We will concentrate to a significant extent on early stage evaluation, and on registry-based studies, but will consider work at all stages in the life cycle of a therapy, from first-in-human use to long term study.  We will welcome studies in the formats prescribed by the IDEAL and IDEAL-D Recommendations, and our Instructions for Authors will include clear guidance on how to report such studies.  We intend to have a significant section dealing with reports from regulatory surveillance systems, registries and epidemiological studies using real world data and specific guidance will be available for any unique article types.

Our aim is to develop a thriving Journal which provides a platform for valid, appropriate studies of new complex therapeutic interventions using designs and reporting methods which allow maximum transparency.  To achieve this we will seek to ensure that the Impact Factor of the journal, which will be calculated after two years of publication, is high enough to ensure that it becomes the journal of choice for the type of studies we will specialise in.  We are therefore especially keen to hear from any Collaboration members who have unpublished work which they believe is liable to be newsworthy and/or strongly cited, and would urge you to submit to the new journal.  In the first two years of the journal we intend to experiment with our Editorial policy over formats and may be willing to discuss Supplements and compendium articles as well as reviews on highly topical issues.  An Editorial platform is currently under construction, and  an initial Editorial panel of referees has been appointed.  We will post a further announcement when the journal goes live for formal submissions, but would be glad to hear from you now if you would like to discuss possible submissions informally or volunteer to be a peer reviewer.

Peter McCulloch and Art Sedrakyan,

On Behalf of the IDEAL Collaboration and MDEpiNet






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