China IDEAL Centre now open in Chengdu, China

We are pleased to announce that the China IDEAL Centre was opened in Chengdu, Schizuan province, on 28th October 2017.

The Director, Professor Xin Sun, is also Director of the Chinese Cochrane Centre, and of a large statistics and clinical epidemiology department at the West China Hospital in Chengdu. Funded by the Chinese government through the West China hospital and university, the centre will educate clinicians about IDEAL and research methodology and help groups to develop their clinical research using IDEAL principles.

At the opening event of the Centre Professor Xin Sun and the Emeritus Director, Professor Louping Yi, emphasised the value of IDEAL for the evaluation of new medical devices and procedures in the Chinese health system.  They referred to recent new guidance from the FDA on the use of “real world evidence” to evaluate devices, and stressed how IDEAL could provide a guiding template for interpreting FDA proposals.  This theme was supported by the representative of the Chinese FDA who spoke at the meeting, who explained how China aimed to develop a distinctive approach which is nevertheless compatible with US FDA guidance.

Professor Peter McCulloch (IDEAL Chair) presented two talks, one on the principles of IDEAL and the other on its use in device evaluation, and how it could assist regulators and healthcare purchasers.

The meeting was generously sponsored by Medtronic China, whose Vice-President for Clinical Affairs, Xioajing Chen, made a presentation on Medtronic’s plans for device surveillance.

We look forward to supporting and collaborating with IDEAL China. Future plans include development of a post-doctoral Fellowship in Oxford for one of the IDEAL China staff and co-operation on research projects. It was agreed that one important area where IDEAL needed to develop a clear position was the guidelines for policy on what types of evidence should be acceptable for regulation or purchasing in which stages of evolution of a device.  An annual IDEAL China conference is planned and it is hoped next year’s event will be able to report progress based on this year’s meeting.

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