Introducing our IDEAL Lead for Physiotherapy: Dr Arsenio Paez

We are delighted to welcome Dr Arsenio Paez to the IDEAL Collaboration in the role of Specialty Lead for Physiotherapy.

Arsenio is a physiotherapist with a pediatric private practice in New York, NY. He is a Professor in the Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy in the Dept of Physical Therapy, Movement, and Rehab Sciences at Northeastern University, Boston, MA, and former Lend Fellow in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities at the Children’s Hospital, Boston. 

Arsenio recently completed the MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care at the University of Oxford, and has applied to continue to a DPhil in Evidence-Health Care for 2018.

His current area of research is in neurodevelopmental outcomes in childhood epilepsy, innovative practice in physiotherapy and clinical trial methods in complex interventions.

Arsenio states ” I am very enthusiastic about IDEAL and what IDEAL-Physio can do to improve the quality of practice and research in physiotherapy. We have had a great surge in the amount of evidence being designed and produced in physiotherapy, with over 18,500 clinical trials and 5600 systematic reviews added to the body of evidence in the last decade alone. Ideal-Physio offers us an invaluable and practical framework to help guide the innovation of new practices and improve the quality of evidence. The unique, complex nature of our interventions requires a dynamic and practicable approach to innovation and evidence gathering, and I believe IDEAL-Physio draws on these to create something truly representative of the nature of complex interventions. It also has great potential to aid us in preparing the evidence-makers and innovators of the future, with very promising applications in academic settings and clinical education”.

Arensio has led work on extending IDEAL to physiotherapy (IDEAL-Physio) recently accepted for publication in the Physical Therapy Journal:

Beard D, Hamilton D, Davies L, Cook J, Hirst A, McCulloch P and Paez A. Evidence-based evaluation of practice and innovation in Physical Therapy using the IDEAL-Physio framework. Physical Therapy Journal (In Press) DOI 10.1093/ptj/pzx103 

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