Abstracts from our 2016 Conference now published in International Journal of Surgery

Abstracts from our 2016 Conference are now available in  the International Journal of Surgery

December 2016 Volume 36, Supplement 2, S133-S144

Access to innovative treatments and device support during IDEAL stages 2b-4 K. Hutchison

Advancing the cause of research registration: The first 500 registrations of the ResearchRegistry.com R. Agha, A.J. Fowler, C. Limb, Y. Al Omran, H. Sagoo, K. Koshy, D.J. Jafree, M.O. Anwar, Peter McCulloch, D.P. Orgill

Surgical trainee research collaboratives in the United Kingdom A.G. Kolias, A.A.B. Jamjoom, P.N.H. Phan, P.J.A. Hutchinson

The merits of decision modeling in the earliest stages of the IDEAL framework – The case of innovative bilateral DIEP flap surgery J. Grutters, J. Gerrits, L. Schultze Kool, D. Ulrich, M. Rovers, S. Hummelink

Evaluation of innovation in radiation oncology: R-IDEAL H. Verkooijen, L. Kerkmeijer, D. Fuller, Robbert Huddart, C. Faivre-Finn, M. Verheij, A. Sahgal, E. Hall, M. van Vulpen

Small simple trials: A strategy to study rare surgical condition J.G. Wright

Short-term cost-effectiveness of colonic stenting is lost at 90-day follow-up in patients with malignant large bowel obstruction  H. Yeo, J. Abelson, J. Milsom, S. Sharma, A. Sedrakyan

3-Year outcomes and cost-savings of combined endoscopic laparoscopic surgery (CELS) for benign colon polyps M. Kiely, S. Sharma, A. Sedrakyan, J. Yoo, H. Yeo, J. Abelson, J. Milsom

Stereotactic body radiotherapy followed by surgery for unstable spinal metastases: Technical feasibility and safety study according to the IDEAL stages 1 and 2a.  A. Versteeg, J. van der Velden, H. Verkooijen, W. Eppinga, N. Kasperts, S. Gerlich, C. Oner, M. van Vulpen, J.-J. Verlaan

Perioperative outcomes, health care costs and survival after robotic-assisted versus open radical cystectomy: A national comparative effectiveness study  J. Hu, B. Chughtai, P. O’Malley, J. Halpern, J. Mao, D. Scherr, D. Hershman, J. Wright, A. Sedrakyan

Comparative effectiveness of cancer control and survival after robotic assisted versus open radical prostatectomy J. Hu, B. Chughtai, P. O’Malley, A. Isaacs, J. Wright, D. Hershman, A. Sedrakyan

Reconstruction of bladder defects with amniotic membrane – IDEAL-D Stage 0-1  D. Barski, H. Gerullis, A. Winter, I. Pintelon, J.-P. Timmermans, A. Ramon, M. Boros, G. Varga, T. Otto

Is more evidence always better? The value of adding decision analytical modeling to the IDEAL framework C. Tax, P.H.M. Govaert, M. Stommel, M.G.H. Besselink, H.G. Gooszen, J. Grutters, M.M. Rovers

Progressing through IDEAL: When is the right time to move from observational to randomised studies? – A case study of REBOA J.O. Jansen, M.K. Campbell

MiCollar – A novel iPhone application to analyse cervical spine motion restriction with different size and type of cervical orthoses R. Ingleton, C. Ashton, J. Bull, V.N. Vakhari

The X-Bolt dynamic hip plating system: Evaluating a novel surgical device for hip fracture surgery  M. Fernandez, J. Achten, N. Parsons, X.L. Griffin, M.L. Costa

Radical cystectomy in epidural anaesthesia – Feasibility analysis using a new reporting method following the IDEAL recommendations H. Gerullis, T.H. Ecke, C. Bantel, A. Weyland, D. Barski, T. Jansen, J. Uphoff, F. Wawroschek, A. Winter

Applying IDEAL: Early stage surgical innovation of a novel bio-wrap-assisted vasectomy reversal technique  A. Gudeloglu, J. Brahmbhatt, S. Parekattil

Matching trial design decisions to the needs of those you hope will use the results: The PRECIS-2 tool  K. Loudon, M. Zwarenstein, F. Sullivan, P. Donnan, S. Treweek

The GASTROS Study: Standardising outcome reporting in gastric cancer surgery research  Bilal Alkhaffaf, Anne-Marie Glenny, Jane Blazeby, Paula Williamson, Iain Bruce

Support for reporting guidelines in surgical journals needs improvement: A systematic review  R. Agha, I. Barai, S. Rajmohan, S.Y. Lee, M. Anwar, A.J. Fowler, D. Orgill, D. Altman

Compliance of systematic reviews in plastic surgery with the PRISMA statement: A systematic review  S.Y. Lee, H. Sagoo, K. Whitehurst, G. Wellstead, A.J. Fowler, R. Agha, D. Orgill

A systematic review of the methodological and reporting quality of case series in surgery  R. Agha, A.J. Fowler, S.Y. Lee, B. Gundogan, K. Whitehurst, H. Sagoo, K.J.L. Jeong, D. Altman, D. Orgill

An assessment of the compliance of systematic review articles published in craniofacial surgery with the PRISMA statement guidelines: A systematic review  T.E. Pidgeon, G. Wellstead, H. Sagoo, D.J. Jafree, A.J. Fowler, R. Agha

The use of study registration and protocols in plastic surgery research: A systematic review  T.E. Pidgeon, C. Limb, R. Agha, K. Whitehurst, C. Chandrakumar, G. Wellstead, A.J. Fowler, D. Orgill

Twist-drill craniostomy with hollow screws for evacuation of chronic subdural haematoma  A.G. Kolias, A. Chari, S.J. Bond, P.J.A. Hutchinson

Intra-operative hyperspectral imaging for brain tumour detection and delineation: Current progress on the HELICoid project S. Kabwama, D. Bulters, H. Bulstrode, H. Fabelo, S. Ortega, G.M. Callico, B. Stanciulescu, R. Kiran, D. Ravi, A. Szolna, J.F. Piñeiro

Developing a patient and public involvement intervention to enhance recruitment and retention in UK surgical trials (PIRRIST)  J.C. Crocker, S. Rees, L. Locock, S. Petit-Zeman, A. Chant, S. Treweek, J.A. Cook, N. Farrar, K. Woolfall, J. Bostock, L. Bowman, R. Bulbulia

Osseointegrated joint replacement connected to a lower limb prosthesis: An IDEAL stage 1 proof of concept study with 7 cases  A. Khemka, S. Lord, M. Al Muderis

The East Grinstead Consent Collaborative (EGCC) online consent creator J. Dhanda, M. Dungarwalla

Development of an online platform for registration and outcome measurement of urogynecological implants according to IDEAL-system D. Barski, H. Gerullis, T. Ecke, R. Joukhadar, J. Kranz, R. Tahbaz, F. Queissert, L. Schneidewind, S. Mühlstädt, M. Grabbert, N. Huppertz, A.E. Pelzer, U. Klinge, M. Boros, W. Bader, F. Puppe, T. Otto

Bringing laparoscopy to your own home M. Vella-Baldacchino, M. Vella Baldacchino, M. Schembri, R. Bugeja

Autologous plasma coating improves the biocompatibility of mesh implants. On the IDEAL way from bench to bedside  H. Gerullis, D. Barski, T.H. Ecke, C. Eimer, M. Boros, B. Klosterhalfen, A. Ramon, T. Otto

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) under local infiltrative anesthesia with and without stand-by anesthesia – Complication rates and clinical outcome for a method at the exploration stage according to IDEAL T.H. Ecke, G. Weingart, C. Lange, S. Hallmann, F. Wawroschek, D. Barski, J. Ruttloff, H. Gerullis

The landscape of surgical innovation in robotic microsurgery A. Gudeloglu, B. Ozdemir, S.R. Fleischman, P. Dahm

Awareness of the ideal recommendations among the members of the Robotic-Assisted Microsurgery and Endoscopic Society (RAMSES)  A. Gudeloglu, S.R. Fleischman, P. Dahm

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